Karachi University student attempts suicide

Drugs dates and party culture in youngsters have become so common that every single fellow belonging to every age group is found involved in immoral activities, People try to find chances to rebel, chance to follow their desires of love and sex, youth give logic that we only live once so why to be so careful regarding this life.

Final year student of Sindh University, Naila… by aliyaali123456

On the other hand there are people who in young age when suffer and they do not get the justice in this life, they are found saying that it is manageable for us because we believe in afterlife. Such people instead of becoming friends of darkness live this life of world peacefully.

There are many institutes that are working for those young age people who fell prey to drug addiction, spending time with opposite sex and cause trouble for others, such institutes market themselves as solution to the problems of drug addicts but drug addicts when are treated by such institutes are found felling prey to this habit again. Hardly there are seen such people who do not fell prey to drug addiction again.