Muslims leaders are lost in unethical acts

Youngsters are seen unsatisfied with life, youth is found rebellious in nature because it does not find answers to many questions because the mind arise a question and if there is no data to answer then puzzle is there. Youth is liked by many people as it is generation that is expected to rise and shine.


There are two kinds of people in this life, the one who believe in only this life and the one who believe in the afterlife. Those who believe in only this life are found saying that we want everything, lot of money, fame, and pleasures but those who believe in the afterlife are found saying that in this life we only want our needs to be fulfilled and in afterlife we want everything.

Newspapers and magazines though discuss all categories of people but people who are found disturbed by having a thought that this is the only life are found using drugs, they not only become disappoint rather also disappoint others who are associated with them.