These soldeirs are not human

People believe that strange creatures are there in this world somewhere hidden from human beings at far-away spaces. All such news is being sold in the media. These news sometimes are real and sometimes are counterfeit, mostly these news are counterfeit and are sold just for monetary reimbursement.

War crimes by Indian army finally on video by khabarnamcha

No sin is small as it is said according to the religious people so for people who sell the news of aliens for all kind of monetary reimbursement, must be advised not to do so because doing so though give them small benefit in this world but will cause loss in the afterlife.

Children less than ten years old are found effected by such news of strange creatures as they find themselves in fears and start living in the world of imagination because for them everything which they are told by the elders is the reality and they develop a perception that there is reality in these stories.