Allah shows his miracle to world

Miracles of Allah not only help the people in understanding that everything is created by one true God and mankind also, and he will be accountable for all the blessings with which he is blessed with. Eye, ears, and all the human existence is accountable to the one true God, who has made all the stars, sun, moon and sky without pillars and earth.

God's fury sends fire tornado by khabarnamcha

All big creations around the man make him wonder that how alone he is, how small he is and he can become and grow only with the concept of God, one true God who has created everything and along with him everything becomes easy and without him everything become impossible and difficult.

Man when look at the creations, he not only find all the creations miraculous rather also find them as perfect because whatever is created on earth from micro organism to all the giant living structures is created perfectly and with use of perfect formulas and ratios.