Mutant creatures found on earth

strange things or strange creatures simply are found without any doubt as human beings share planet earth with more than 8 billion creatures; strange things are also seen with naked eye but hardly it happens because many people claim that we do see things which people near us deny. Ghosts and fairies sometimes are found seeing by many people and also there exist plenty of videos on the internet.

10 Creatures With Unbelievable Mutations by khabarnamcha

Strange creatures not only include the ghosts and fairies but also include all those creatures that are seen on the roads of European countries, internet releases pictures in which such strange events are recorded where birds were seen flying that were never seen before having body structure like cow but was flying.

Strange creatures also are discussed as aliens who come down on earth to destroy the things and sometimes just imaginations of people take form of someone who is being imagined. Normally in the routine people are found saying that we saw a man whose face was not complete. These strange creatures do not exist in reality but are seen by the people in state of neurosis and psychosis.