Watch this footage about life after death

Life of this world is known to everyone but the afterlife is seen by no one. People try to bring in the writings their imagination to describe the afterlife but no one can bring in writing the reality of afterlife, rather many people are found saying that we do not know the reality of things in this world also.

Desires in this life when go unfulfilled it gives birth to the ideology that whatever a man could not get in this life will get there in the afterlife, but people who do not believe in the afterlife hold the view that this is the only life worth living and one must enjoy the life as maximum as possible.

Believer of the afterlife are found saying that we are given this life to do good deeds so that the afterlife becomes better but nonbelievers are mostly found involved in committing suicides because they are found saying that we people are dependent on each other and we must make this life worth living by use of all means.