Witness power of Quranic verses

Miracles of Allah not only help the people understanding the fact that everything is created by one true God rather it make people believe that only by acting on the commandments given in the book man can find peace, those who become able to find peace taste the true miracles.

All mega structures around the man make him wonder that he is alone and small, and this sense of smallness make him bow down to the one who is the most competent. A man can and actually grows only when he starts taking the name of God and grow only in mind with the concept of God.

Wonders of Islam are best explained by giving reference of the people who read the book of Islam. Because their every problem is addressed in the book they believe in. Every problem or every thought that human mind and heart may come across is discussed in detail within the book Quran. All problems of man are discussed and their solutions are told in detail in the book Quran. In one word miracles of Allah and Islam is the divine book Quran.