Good news for Pakistani nation

Merit is not given importance rather relationships are given importance, whatever were the principles of Islam that were all about justice are now being adopted by the foreign nations, Muslims both individually and as a nation only talk about Islam and do not implement it in their life.

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Bribery and robbery are observed by many Muslims’ instead of working hard to earn the money. Short ways are being found by the Muslims. Muslims have forgotten the sayings of their messenger that sustenance look for man as death looks for him, and also that you must not be despair of the sustenance even if you reach your old age and see that you are no more capable of doing hard work.

All the corruption, eagerness, ease, greed and rebellious attitudes of people in order to gain benefits lead them to destroy their life, life and afterlife because this life becomes disturb when a group of people collect too much money and a group of people remain poor and suffer injustice. The root cause of corruption is injustice done to a group of people.