Look what Pathan youngsters doing

Educational institutes and other public places allow intermingling of sexes and educational institutes make people force that they must interact with opposite sex and find a way to meet each other for study purpose but hardly young people meet each other for study purpose and girls and boys are found chasing their sex desires blindly because in young age hormonal flux is at its peak and it is very difficult to control the sex desires in young age.

amazing pathan firing by khabarnamcha

Immoral activities of youth also include stealing, robbing and killing each other as the news reporters are found reporting that on everyday bases young people are found doing corruption, couples are found found kissing, hugging and doing sex outside the institutes. Videos are also found on the internet and can be watched by the whole world.

If every single person acts for improvements in himself only then change may come in the society. Change never comes without will of people and unless people do not work hard to change themselves and this hard work also has to be continuous in nature instead of in episodes. Because many people are found doing working hard for some time and then leave it simply.