Miracles of Quran verses witnessed by hundreds

Miracles of Allah not only make people believe that whatever commanded in the book Quran is beneficial for all mankind rather these commandments are going to help them even after the death of their life, those who try to act upon the commandments without using the logic, logic that go against Quran stay good.

Possessed man in Masjid Nabwi by khabarnamcha

Big creatures like mountain, sky and other sun and moon which can be seen by naked eye make man ponder that he needs guidance, he needs too much dependence on one competent God. A man keeps on growing in mind only when he starts reading the instruction manual that is Quran.

Wonders of Islam is its nature that solve every problem of mankind, problem of thoughts , practical problems and many other small and big problems, all are addressed in the book Quran. Every problem that human mind and heart undergo is discussed in detail within the Quran. The reader of the Quran after reading it in the language he understand best find himself in peace.