Pakistani society has turned corrupt in total

Instead of giving value to the merit the importance is given to desires and relationships, people prefer the relationships; they prefer their personal contacts and not the merit. Nation as a whole is found doing corruption because no one has seen what he is promised in afterlife.

Donkey in Karachi by khabarnamcha

Bribery, robbery, intermingling of sexes and all other major crimes from which the Islam forbids, Muslims are found doing so and they remain in a complete despair as they do not believe in sustenance from God and prefer the sources of income, this is the reason even in old age Muslims are found telling lie and doing corruptions.

All this corruption comes from one major fault simply which is the injustice done to a certain group of people and this certain group later instigated by the politicians for their vote banks, innocent people when are instigated by the politicians they then start doing corruption and justify it by saying we do corruption because it is our right. It is like we offer shelter to someone in our home and he kicks us out of our home and when we protest, we are declare as corrupt, so if we are doing corruption then it is ok because it is our right.