Muslims sacrifice life for Islam

Life of this world in the Quran is described as a show off regarding the money, offspring and other valuable assets. Everyone comes in this life and leaves this life without his will and consent which makes many people sad and disturbed that why all this happen but Muslims believe that whatever which is not in our control is in the control of God and he controls it best.

Thousands of Muslims in Gujarat india by khabarnamcha

Desires of life when are fulfilled by the people they forget to act upon the teachings of Islam and simply following the desires blindly result in nothing but problems of many kind like physical and mental health. Religious people are of many types, some people practice their religion to make other people perceive them as noble person whereas some people practice religion to get closer to God.

Believer of the afterlife make purpose of this life as developing the habit of doing good deeds, afterlife is made better only by doing deeds that are closer to the way of the messenger and in this life good deeds are done by the grace of Allah because no one on his own is capable of doing good deeds.