Deadly incident during wildlife fight

Wildlife fights are watched by the people because animal fight provides them motivation to live, people say if we do not watch such videos we otherwise feel dead and slow in life, we find no energy in life but when we look at colors of nature, the presence of animals in the jungle, life of the jungle all provide us motivation to live.

Bull destroyed one of the man standing in audience by khabarnamcha

People not only watch rather they also study animal fights and are found saying that we learn many things from animal fight, the way these animals live, use tactics to attack their prey and protect their children, the way they keep children for sometime along with them then later make them live separate all provide lessons.

Among all the animal fights and jungle life mostly watched videos include the videos of tiger attacks, fights between giant animals like chimpanzee, bears and all the tall animals like giraffe etc. The fight videos are mostly watched videos because other jungle life makes not that much curiosity among people.