Strange incident of grave terrifies locals

Many videos are found on the internet that speaks regarding the existence of strange creatures made up of light and having structure like human beings. These videos are not only watched rather proper trading is done of such videos, people market the videos on internet and demand of such videos also remains high.

Strange incident of grave in pakistan by aliyaali123456

The strange creatures are researched by the people, many research papers are written on the existence of strange creatures and are abundantly find in the institutes of research and development. Many people who hold interest in doing research on parallel world of strange creatures that is unseen keep on uploading the information on the internet.

There are many human beings who are included in strange creatures, the human beings who have less body parts or are crippled in nature are termed as strange creatures and special institutes are made for such people where these people are given special support and attention and are made comfortable by providing them the things of their interest and providing them the living conditions that go with their nature, or simply adaptation.