What elders are teaching their younger ones

Youngsters are sometime criticized with useless criticism; youth is criticized by many people because youth hardly is aware of the importance of the time, Youth find life difficult, youth see life as a burden, youth see everything at far off distances but when it is told the correct perception it avoids doing bad deeds.

Look what fake peer is doing by khabarnamcha

Youth start suffering because it stops looking at the positive side of the life and a single failure lead them to world of darkness, when negative thoughts keep on growing and start ruling the mind of a person then these thoughts lead an individual to the state of depression and resultantly a person is found in the hospital or is suggested to take medicine.

Newspapers and media report sex related activities among youth have become so common that even after publish of such news and even when these news go viral, youth is found involved in same activities and use drugs of ecstasy, developing party cultures with opposite sex and gatherings and is found doing rebellious activities.