Pakistani politicians doing immoral acts

The importance is given to desires and relationships instead of merit, Jobs are given to the people by looking at the relationships; preference is given to personal contacts and merit is neglected every time. Nation as a whole is found doing corruption because the book Quran is hardly read by the people.

What Our Politicians Doing by khabarnamcha

Bribery, robbery, intermingling of sexes and all other major crimes increase just because Muslims do not read their religious scripture, also if they read their religious scriptures, they do not read it in the language they understand best. Believing in the fact that sustenance is from God has lost by many people and people are not aware of the saying of prophet that getting despair of sustenance is kufur.

All the corruption is due to the politicians who instigate a certain group of people, people with whom injustice is done and then they are instigated to react to increase vote bank. People who justify their corruption are found saying that when we offer shelter to someone in our home and he kicks us out of our home and when we protest, we are declare as corrupt, so if we are doing corruption then it is ok because we have to get back our home.