Students miss schools to do party

Drugs dates and party cultures are now days more watched inside the educational institutes rather in the hotels or guest houses, there are many people who in their young age are provided with such an environment that make them fall prey to the drugs dates’ and party culture and simply destroy their both lives of this world and afterlife.

Date caught in fields by khabarnamcha

Intermingling of sexes is offered by the educational institutes, the youth is found interested in getting admission in such institutes which instead of studies offer or position their institutes more on the environment which is friendly and provide friendly intermingling of sexes.

Drugs dates and party cultures in youngsters is quite common both in institutes and outside institutes, the artificial environment provides or offers drugs dates and party culture to youngsters, it not only provide rather also it forces the induction of drugs dates and party cultures among youth. Youth despite of ignoring and avoiding the drugs dates and party culture, it become preys to the environmental forces which not only make them drug addicts rather also throw them to a place of no return.