This win is nothing less than a miracle of Allah

Miracles of Allah not only make people wonder rather it also help people in their day to day problems as every problem of human being is addressed in the Quran in a manner that the reader gets the guidance after reading that what he has to do in order to solve his problems.

pakistani wrestler by khabarnamcha

Big creatures on planet earth like mountains, sky and others which can be seen without any microscope make man think that from where all these creations and how all these creations came into existence and all such questions are answered in the book named Quran. Answers to all the questions that human mind arise is also a miracle of Quran.

Wonders of Islam is its nature of the book Quran because all the messengers that came before the advent of the last messenger were given the miracle of some kind like talking to a dead person, giving life to dead people, or making contact with dead people but the best miracle of Islam is the book Quran.