Morally corrupt people meet such end

Corruption is now days not associated with all the people rather it is associated simply and only with Muslims. The reason for this is that Muslims have left the habit of reading their religious book Quran and they are found following their desires blindly. Many Muslims are found doing corruption because they have forgotten the basic teaching of their messenger that sustenance is the promise of God.

Muslims who do not read their religious book are found simply and blindly following the religion of their forefathers and do not bother to know that whether their forefathers were right or wrong, mankind is accountable for his faith, his beliefs and deeds if someone is following wrong way then he will or he may suffer very badly in the afterlife.

Corruption and Muslims are now associated with each other, trust has lost its meaning people now days are unable to trust each other, because when a person is given trust he is found doing corruption just because he does not trust the sustainer rather he trust the sources.