Pakistani nation has lost all moral values

The desires of people keep them on the wrong tracks and they are hardly found bothering about stop chasing their desires, corrupt nations are usually come into existence when individuals stop following the teachings of their religion; the relationships and personal contacts are preferred over merit.

Hotel in Hyderabad selling biryani by khabarnamcha

Major sins and all that the book Quran prohibits include more than seventy dos and don’ts but hardly Muslims are found following the commandments given in the book. All major sins are practiced by the Muslims despite of their claim that we love our last messenger.

Corruption is though caused by all the people, especially Muslims now days but the major role is played by those Muslims who are in the field of politics and they do make innocent people suffer just to increase their vote banks. Many people suffer just because they are dependent on the politicians to get their task done. There are many people who are corrupt not by choice but rather forcefully.