Soldier comes out alive after staying five days under snow

Topic of the religious book Quran is simply problems of human being but very few people read Quran on daily basis and look for the solution of their problems in the Quran, majority of people do deeds followed by their desires, people have made their own solutions that are quite difficult.

Soldier Found Alive in Siachen after 5 days… by khabarnamcha

All that exists on the earth from micro organisms to big creatures reflect the signs of the one true creator but when an individual rejects or deny pondering over any creation, he or she simply does not understand the reality of this life, this life is made by one creator for any creator to be called as creator, his creation has to be there.

Major wonder of Islam is simply the Quran which was revealed on the last messenger in which all the questions that a human mind may face are answered and this book is the best teacher for anyone who suffer problems and find no way out, the miracle of this book is simply that it tells its reader that he is accountable for all the blessings he has in this life and the one who fears accountability Allah shows him his way.