Girl becomes alive after funeral

People prefer the life of this world and hold a high concern regarding the gains of this life and leave the afterlife behind. Many people are found saying that once we die everything ends, nothing remains there at all and life of this world has came into existence by chance and there is no God.

Teenage Girl Wakes Up in Coffin After Being… by khabarnamcha

Non believers sometime are found using false logics that lead them to the wrong path and misguide them where they fall in the darkness and become so lost in this world that for them to die become difficult and they start fear death. Life of this world when is considered as the only life it make people go astray.

Believer of the afterlife remain committed to their good deeds and they are hardly seen as doing wrong deeds. People who do bad deeds in this life are found puzzled and in the last stage of this life they fear many things, they know that they have to go back to their God and have prepared nothing for afterlife.