Girl caught on a date gets punishment

Educational institutes now days are providing environment to young people in which they are offered intermingling of sexes and are asked to chase their desires blindly by setting goals for themselves by working with the opposite sex. Couples are forced to do sex with each other by some criminal nature people and such couples later suffer trauma or mind problems after undergoing such cruelty and become drug addicts to get rid of the thoughts of such bad accidents.

Watch What Happens With couple in the jungle by khabarnamcha

Immoral activities that youth is found doing commonly include stealing, robbing and killing each other for entertainment, thrill and revenge. Young people complaint that we die young so we must be allowed to live the way we want not what others want from us. Youngsters who cannot bear the life that is lived for others are found using drugs.

Immoral activities are not only associated with young people only but also elderly people become too much frustrated sometimes that they find drugs to take support to live, elderly drug addicts can also be seen in the society who after getting rejected by their own people start seeking pleasure in drugs.