Parents must keep an eye on private colleges tutors

Educational institutes have also become such public places where couples do sex and are found kissing each other openly, oral sex have become very common where youngsters are found touching the genitals parts of each other openly and some bold couples make video to upload them on the internet.

What is the Teacher doing by khabarnamcha

Sex is not the only immoral activity that youth is found involved in rather stealing, robbing and killing each other for entertainment, thrill and revenge is also in the list. Young people consider their tragedy that death strikes us young so when there is a chance of us to die young then why should we not do all the sex and other pleasure seeking activities before we die.

Immoral activities not only are done by the young people rather elderly people also do immoral activities like using the drugs, doing sex all the time with sex toys and watching porn websites. Elderly drug addicts can also be seen in the society who when are rejected start seeking pleasure in drugs and sex after frustration and depression.