Public punishment of drug dealer in Saudi Arabia

Drugs dates and party cultures is also find in the educational institutes not only in public places and hotels or guest houses, educational institutes are being ruled by people who try to destroy the nation or simply the youth of a nation. Educational courses and books are being made corrupt, children are being taught bad and wrong teachings.

saudi arabia punishment in public by khabarnamcha

Education that is being provided in the school colleges and universities is not enough to live life peacefully because the challenges that this life offer are not taught in the books which all institutes offer, how to avoid crisis, how to deal with the challenges like adaptation of the western thoughts like intermingling of sexes.

Drugs dates and party cultures in youngsters is not the fault of youth only rather it is a combine effort of all those people who want to destroy the nation or youth, it is a planning of the agencies and other forces that work on high levels to destroy the nations like enemy countries Pakistan and India want to destroy each other.