Look what is going in educational institutes

Educational institutes also complaint that couples do sex and are found kissing each other openly in the educational institutes, oral sex is too much common among youngsters, young girls and boys get together for the study purpose but they are found touching the genital parts of each other instead of studies.

What teacher wish from his female student in… by khabarnamcha

Stealing, robbing and other crimes like killing each other for any reason is also found common in the youth, youth is simply by nature is full of motivations and emotions. Young people consider it tragedy that death strikes us young so if we die young then why should not we fulfill our all desires as early as possible.

Immoral activity which is done among young people commonly is doing sex all the time with sex toys and watching porn websites. Elderly drug addicts can also be seen in the society who wants to do sex and reach ecstasy and for this purpose they use medicines that enhance their sexual powers. Other than sex all crimes are done in public mostly but some couples are found doing sex openly also.