Man getting second life is nothing but miracle

Miracles of Allah and Islam are best witnessed by those who read their religious scripture Quran, Quran is usually read by the people in the language which is Arabic but very few people read the Quran in the language they understand best. Miracle in this life is seen by the people who practice their religion.

Guy escapes isis captors. by khabarnamcha

Quran invites all people to point out a single mistake in the Quran and prove that it is wrong, and if you cannot and you will certainly not so fear the hell fire which is prepared for the people who reject it. One true miracle of Quran is its guarantee to remain unchanged. Quran is made safe according to Quran by the protection of God himself.

Miracles of Allah though nonbelievers also see but despite of looking at every fact they reject God by simply saying that because there was nothing before time and space and there is no data of God on earth. But they fail to realize that the true definition of God is he is free of beginning and end and Quran is the data of God on earth.