Strange creature caught on security cam

Videos viral on social media include the videos of flying elephants, and all such strange creatures that are hardly seen by the people, so people go for watching all these videos just because they have interest in looking for something new, the quench for looking something new lead people to watch videos of strange creatures.

Real Ghost Playing With Kids!!! Rare ghost… by khabarnamcha

The strange creatures are studied by people in medical sciences and the reasons behind the existence of strange creatures is termed by them as biological destructive changes in genes which produce animals having strange structure like tigers, giraffes and chimpanzee with two faces. Reason of the existence of such strange creature is simply that nature is accountable to none.

There are many human beings who are considered as strange creatures because they have less body parts or less health both physical and mental. Such human beings are though considered as creatures strange among human beings but hardly get any importance compare to the other strange creatures.