Youngsters falling for drugs in Peshawar

Youngsters want to reach the top in all the fields they enter, they want to shine and rise but when they do not get the favorable conditions to grow, they are found complaining that we could not become what we wanted to become because even our own people did not support us.

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Drugs dates and party culture in youngsters is done for relaxation, this is what young people are found saying that we do parties and we talk with opposite sex just because we want to have pleasures in this life and those who do not do parties find relaxation through medicines or other rebellious attitudes.

Many youngsters find themselves unguided, rejected and made frustrated by their elders because in young age in front of young people there are many ways to go for but they do not have any idea which way to adopt for themselves. Also when life and outside competent world give them tough time they look for escapes in the form of drugs dates and other relaxation methods.