Groom loses life on wedding day

The desires make people go astray because people simply keep on following their desires blindly without any thinking, without giving any thought to the fact that whether their desires are true or false, right or wrong, leading them to darkness or light and hence people become corrupt.

firing at wedding by khabarnamcha

Major sins if in Islam are more than seventy then Muslims are allowed to do everything except these don’ts mention in the Quran as major sins. Whatever is described in the Quran as sins if a Muslim does this then he simply starts doing corruption.

Corruption is though caused by all, but Muslims normally are found doing it because many Muslims are name sake Muslims and they do not know what is written in their religious scripture which is Quran and they also are found violating clear instructions given in the Quran. People are rarely found reading the religious scripture and those who read it hardly understand or implement it. Implementing on the knowledge a person possess is very important because people are seen repeating the things they know and hardly are found implementing it in their life.