Watch these corrupt souls defaming Islam

The desires of the youth if are followed blindly they lead them to the darkness or place from where they never return, Once a person become part of bad company it becomes difficult for him to get rid of such bad company because there are forces that keep the people close and they undergo the test of their virtue by living with the bad ones.

Muslims are found doing major sins openly and privately because they do not read the book Quran and even if they read the book they do not read the book to know the dos and don’ts rather they read it just for the purpose of getting reward on recitation.

Corruption is caused by the people because they want everything in this life, they want as early as possible in this life and this is the reason they start doing corruption when they see that their efforts do not bring the result, or desired results. Youth protest or youth become rebellious to get the rights but their rights when are violated they hardly forgive anyone and take revenge from the society.