Look what youth is doing in name of modernism

Drugs dates and party culture is growing in the young people and it is not because young people want to be the one who make destructions or who want to cause troubles all the time but it is because young people or youth is targeted by many people or it is targeted by the enemy countries.

Amir Khan boxer by khabarnamcha

Youth is the main or most important part of the nation if it is destroyed or if it is made corrupt then all the country suffer. The nation is made quite corrupt if its youth get attracted towards the shameful deeds or sex related activities. There are many young people who lose their virginity in their early stage of life.

Youngsters are found very much decent sometimes when they are given proper attention, or they are given all their rights or they are given extra importance. But if the very same youth is found suffering, or is given tight condition or is provided with such facilities that are not comfortable or simply are out of the relaxation.