Man like creature found on tape

Videos that are viral on social media include the videos of flying creatures like flying angels video in Saudi Arabia became very famous as religious people were found saying all praises are due to Allah who can create anything. But those who know that the use of camera can be made in making such videos took it not seriously.

Strange Creature Caught on Tape by khabarnamcha

These strange creatures when are studied by people who study medical sciences say that the reasons behind the existence of strange creatures is biological changes in genes which bring animals of strange structure in the existence like tiger, giraffe with two faces. Reason of the existence of such strange creatures is simply the law of nature that nature is accountable to none.

There are many human beings who fall in the category of strange creatures; those human beings are simply found having less body parts or less health both physical and mental. Such human beings are termed as the creatures that are strange but people give more importance to those creatures that are seen for the first time.