Shark eats man alive at beach

Animals of the natural world channels are watched by many people but majority belongs to young and mature age; all wildlife videos are now watched on the internet also and target market is the same viewers. Among the wildlife the types of wild animals in this jungle life include carnivorous as the most watched videos and it include tiger chasing zebra as most watched videos.

Shark attack caught on cam by khabarnamcha

The videos of fight between animals include videos of fight like fight between all the animal family from insects to animals, reptiles like crocodiles and snake fights, and fights of natural enmity like dogs and cats are watched by the children also. Many videos on the internet despite of their horrible nature are in demand.

Jungle life is simply lived on the rule of killing or be killed. This rule in jungle make jungle life horrible in nature and hence sensitive people who when watch such videos perceive it badly that effects their health and are suggested to watch animal videos that do not include fight or simply consist of animal lifestyles.