Horrible footage of wild creature attack on human

Death of receptive people also is recorded live in the cameras; many people are found dead on the spot while watching the videos on large screens out in the market. Tigers and other animal fight videos are market on the large screens at road side with blend of products that are adventurous in nature. There are many products which when are used people feel energetic like energy drinks, such drinks are sold by using the tactics of showing aggressive animal fights.

Anaconda swallows alive by khabarnamcha

Wildlife fight marketers hardly find any disturbance or any shortage of profit because demand of wildlife videos always remain quite high and people are hardly seen not demanding from the market the wildlife fight videos supply always remain less even if wildlife videos are banned for some time.

Watching the wildlife fight videos is not only for entertainment rather it is also for learning, many people are found learning the tactics from the animal fights. Tactics to survive, defend against enemy attack. Wildlife fight videos are banned when the responsive people die and death rate increase telecast of wildlife videos is made banned for some time.