Look how God punished these guys

Not only people from different religion rather Muslims are found at the top of the list in doing corruption. Muslims are found clearly involved in the major sins despite of knowing the fact that God does not like so and so deed. When everyone is found doing corruption then minority hardly takes stand against corruption.

mouse caught by khabarnamcha

The youth generate problems for themselves by doing bad deeds like corruption in institutes they work, Youth make many such decisions that later make their life difficult because early results of efforts are demanded by the youth but hardly they get the desired results.

Corruption is done among the young people because of rebellious nature and warm blood of young people. Youth when hardly get their rights and despite of doing so much effort when they find themselves helpless, they start becoming rebel. Corruption is even done in the religious obligations like Hajj and Omrah services when are provided to people they are charged with high prices and extra taxes under the label of different governmental rights, but people who want to do hajj still go against such high prices hajj and Omrah services.