Muslims lose life for saying prayer

Topic of the the book Quran is simply human beings, human beings on this planet earth are all addressed in this book, This book not only speak about the human beings rather it also speak and tell all the people that whatever is your problem, either of thoughts, or of deeds, the solution is told in the Quran.

Many people are found saying that there is no God and whatever we do we are not accountable for anything and we will never suffer any punishment, for such people there are many problems to be faced in the afterlife because afterlife is guaranteed and it is also a miracle of Islam that its occurrence is kept hidden and no one can tell its time.

The book Quran itself is miracles of miracle, it holds explanation of everything, everything that can be asked or inquire by a human mind is told in the book Quran, every topic of life, every subject of life is discussed in detail. All the answers to the questions are given in the Quran.