We do not fear Allah as a nation

Corruption is done by many people and also by the Muslims, if other than Muslims are found doing corruption then it does not matter much but if the corruption is done by the Muslims then it is of serious concern and it means that their religious education is not perfect and they have not understood the message of the messenger.

donkey in pakistan by khabarnamcha

Muslims if instead of doing jobs and business or working hard are found doing illegal activities like stealing, robbing and snatching then it means that they do not believe in the fact that sustenance is the promise of God and even a person who is handicapped or is unable to move from one place to another God provides them too.

The reason for corruption cases is not only the Muslims rather it is also the education system or the influence of bad people on the youth that is growing up, youth which is rebellious against the societal law is found by the people and are used by them for crimes.