Allah shows miracle just before funeral of girl

Miracles of Allah and Islam are for those who do not doubt the existence of God rather they are found believing in God and staying in the remembrance of God is their habit but those people who do not believe in God and hold doubts hardly travel through this world easily.

Allah shows miracle at filipino girl funeral by khabarnamcha

Quran is the only data of God on the earth, it is word of God and any topic, issue regarding life or any problems an individual may undergo is discussed in the Quran with detail. Repeatedly God has told many solutions and ways to the human beings who are suffering and believe in God in Quran.

Miracles of Allah and Islam are perceived by the people at both higher level and lower level of intellect, When people of lower level intellect discuss the miracle of Quran they are found saying that we on the fruit found name of Allah written and when people of higher level of intellect discuss the miracles of Quran and Islam they discuss it in such a manner that practicing the religion make life of a person peaceful.