Life will not be same after watching this video

Majority of people is found doing bad deeds and they say that we care for no one because no one cares for us. Each individual is found blaming the other for the corruption; God does not change the condition or state of any individual who does not bring change within and without himself.

Chinese people have started eating human babies by khabarnamcha

Corruption is caused even by the believer of the afterlife as the believer of the afterlife have not seen anything from afterlife, they only believe and imagine that there are rewards for us after we die against all the sufferings of this world. Those who believe in this life experience all the pleasures and found saying that seeing is what we believe; life is like an ice cream enjoys it before it melts.

The difference of thoughts or difference of ideas among people is only of two kinds one is with God and other is without God, believers of the afterlife believe in life with God and adopt lifestyles based on or derived from the books of different major religions on the face of earth as from Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism and Buddhism.