Not only rulers but whole nation is corrupt

Corrupt nation is that nation who entirely looks for shortcuts and does things upon which human heart complaints. Each individual is found doing bad deeds and remain satisfy and bring no changes in himself even after facing criticism. All the people who do corruption are found united.

Men Caught Selling Dog Meat In Karachi shameful… by khabarnamcha

Corruption has become second nature of Muslims, despite of knowing the fact that there are many methods and ways to earn money, to live a respectable life but still people fall from the high societal values to low societal values. Some people start begging instead of working, some rob or steal and are found saying that it is easy for us.

Despite of having law and many societal law practices individuals are found practicing corruption all the time. Many people say that we try our level best to remain on the right track by doing hard work to earn money but a group of people look for easy ways to earn money and make other people also follow them towards corruption. Law institutes require practicing law with approach of justice to all.